Kysuk Kyikyut


Born from a promise to its creator, the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho now exists as a sovereign tribal government. On September 20th, 1974, the 67 remaining Kootenais declared a peaceful war on the United States of America. From the persistence of those emboldened forerunners, the Kootenais were deeded 12.5 acres of land, ushering a new age for the people.

Today, this Northern Idaho tribe carries over 150 members, working to further the development of the areas natural environments, and protect the land gifted to them by their Creator.

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The Kootenai Idaho People

“I have created you Kootenai People to look after this beautiful land, to honor and guard and celebrate my Creation here, in this place. As long as you do that, this land will meet all our needs.” These are the words said to the first Kootenai People, by the Creator. From these words, the "Creator's Covenant" was established, guiding the Kootenai people through history and it's hardships.

Kootenai Tribe Reservation

In 1855, the United States sent representatives to make a treaty with all tribes in the Northwest. Tribal representatives met at Hellgate in Montana but were told that the government wanted to take the aboriginal territory and put the tribe on a reservation. No Kootenai ever signed the treaty.

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Kootenai War of 1974

On September 20, 1974, the 67 members of the Kootenai Tribe formally declared war on the United States, seeking federal recognition. They did not engage in violence, and, by calling attention to their situation, the tribe was deeded 12.5 acres of federal land surrounding the former mission in Bonners Ferry.

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Enterprise and Projects

The Kootenai Tribe of Idaho engages in the promotion of economic development and established enterprises. These enterprises and projects ensure economic development and sustainability. Fundings from these sources contribute to many tribal and communal aspects, such as college scholarships for tribal members, funding to local schools, and funding for the Tribal Health Clinic.

Kootenai River Inn Casino & Spa

The Kootenai River Inn & Spa celebrated it's opening in 1986. Since then, it's funding has contributed to the Tribal health clinic, college scholarships for Tribal members, funding to local schools, and seed money for other Tribal projects.

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Twin Rivers Resort

Located at the confluence of the Kootenai and Moyie Rivers, this 40-acre RV and camping resort is one of the Tribe's newest enterprises. Offerings include hiking, fishing, swimming, rafting, boating, and abundant wildlife, providing visitors with a classic North Idaho outdoor experience.

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