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Kootenai River Habitat Restoration Project Master Plan:

A Conceptual Feasibility Analysis & Design Framework

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Chapters & Appendices

Executive Summary
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Executive Summary Only
Chapter 0 – Prefaces
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This “chapter” contains the cover page, copyright page, acknowledgements, executive summary, table of contents, lists of figures and tables, glossary, and acronyms.
Chapter 1 – Introduction
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Chapter 1 describes the purpose of the project and why the project is needed, presents project history and context, and describes the relationship of this project to other fish and wildlife projects in the Kootenai subbasin.
Chapter 2 – Kootenai Subbasin Ecosystem and Limiting Habitat Factors
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Chapter 2 provides an overview of the historical and existing conditions in the Kootenai subbasin, river and floodplain stewardship implications for the river corridor, the characteristics of the river reaches in the project area and the factors that limit habitat for focal aquatic species and other species within the project area.
Chapter 3 – Restoration Strategies, Treatments and Habitat Actions
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Chapter 3 describes restoration strategies, treatments, and habitat actions that will be used in each project reach to address limiting factors identified in Chapter 2.
Chapter 4 – Habitat Action Implementation Scenarios
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Chapter 4 describes how different habitat actions could be combined at different spatial scales to best address limiting factors in each river reach within the project area.
Chapter 5 – Adaptive Management and Monitoring
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Chapter 5 describes the Adaptive Management and Monitoring program for the Kootenai River Habitat Restoration Project.
Chapter 6 – Environmental Compliance and Consultation
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Chapter 6 provides an overview of anticipated environmental compliance and consultation requirements related to subsequent phases of the Kootenai River Habitat Restoration Project.
Chapter 7 – Estimated Costs
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Chapter 7 presents estimated costs for the Kootenai River Habitat Restoration Project conceptual framework presented in this Master Plan.
Chapter 8 – Funding
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Chapter 8 provides a funding analysis and discusses development of a funding strategy for implementation of the Kootenai River Habitat Restoration Project.
Chapter 9 – Next Steps
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Chapter 9 summarized the planned next steps for the project.
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Includes a list of citations referenced in the Master Plan
Appendix A
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Appendix A presents a summary of the hydraulic analyses completed for the Master Plan.
Appendix B
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Appendix B presents sediment-transport data including: a sampling summary, suspended sediment summary, bedload sediment summary, bed material sediment summary, and a provisional sediment-transport analysis.
Appendix C
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Appendix C presents supporting information related to plant community distribution and ecological processes driving plant community succession and composition for Kootenai River habitat restoration reaches.
Appendix D
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Appendix D provides a summary of prioritized fish and physical habitat factors for each of the six focal species.
Appendix E
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Appendix E provides a summary of geomorphic data that was used to support development of morphological limiting factors.
Appendix F
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Appendix F provides a detailed breakdown of estimated costs in support the cost estimates presented in Chapter 7.